The World’s Largest Work of Art!
January 31, 2020

Join us in the World’s Largest Work of Art!

The World’s Largest Work of Art ever to be created with the first piece being placed at Broadway Plaza Birmingham UK and sections of The Connection will continue to be placed in every country to connect the world through art and be the first iconic sculpture to represent the world, be a part of The Connection and purchase your space to engrave your Name, Message or Logo on one of the stainless steel bricks.

broadway plaza image

There are only a limited number of spaces available and with each engravement will contribute donations to our charity!  Please help us in this amazing project. Engrave now at

What is The Connection?

The Connection is a sculpture of a stainless steel brick wall shaped into a positive sign that points to the four corners of the Earth. The first piece being placed at Broadway Plaza Birmingham UK and then sections of The Connection wall will be created around the world representing every race, gender and nationality.

About The Artist Luke Burton

Luke Burton has spent over 15 years developing a highly creative and personal approach to his ideas of figurative art and creating his own unique methods along the way that aims to inspire many people across the world. Luke will be promoting this project with upcoming events for our charity so make sure to follow on or to keep up to date on this amazing adventure. Also don’t miss Luke’s incredible interview that you can relisten to on the BBC!

Meaning Behind The Project

The Connection encapsulates the concept of the world as one community. It is focused on building a strong and unified foundation for a harmonious future. It aims to promote a positive and optimistic connotation for the term, ‘wall’ like each brick which stands unified and are integral to the making of a strong and an undaunted wall, humanity and society to needs such building blocks to secure a harmonious future.

We are the building blocks. Each brick represents an individual, a struggle, an achievement, a bond, a contribution, a connection. Luke hopes to inspire people with The Connection and it’s intrinsic concept and hope that people will stand together, in support of each other, promoting oneness and thus creating a building block to our future as every one of us has a connection, whether the role is small or large, we are all part of the same future.

The Connection is not only about bringing communities together but people from every walk of life, race, gender, nationality as for wherever you are in the world, there will be no boundaries stopping anyone from being an integral part of humanity and a part of a larger community. The connection embraces all unconditionally. The Connection will become an icon of the future and a symbol of direction.

Support us and make history be a part of The Connection to purchase your space and engrave your Name, Message or Logo on one of the stainless steel bricks.

Engrave now at